Get Woke

Our interpretation is shaped by our experiences, culture + society, and family + friends. How we perceive things can hinder our ability to live out our fullest expression and potential. We’re doing the best with the things we do know, after all you don’t know what you don’t know, right…

During my time coaching clients and my own learnings (aka making a ton of mistakes), I recognized there are common denominators that hinder our ability to live our best self. Here’s some key areas that can use a bit more exploration. (All I hear in my head as I wrote that last sentence was DJ Khaled -♬ Keys, Keys, Keys. ♬ )



10. You haven’t failed enough.


Let’s be real homie, a lot of us give up way too early in the process. We say things like “I’ve tried everything” and “I did everything possible”. In actuality, we’ve only just scratched the surface. If you can count how many ways you have tried on one hand, you haven’t done everything possible.

Dr. Seuss, the guy who wrote “Cat in The Hat”, was rejected by 27 publishers before his book was finally published.

James Dyson, the guy with those ridiculous vacuums and the energy-efficient hand-dryers found in commercial rest rooms failed 5,126 times over the span of 15 years before creating a working prototype.

Singer John Legend was rejected by every major record label he had meetings with until he was signed by Kayne West’s record label in 2004.


9. Waiting for things to happen.


Things are not just going to happen on their own, you have to invest in what you want.
You have to cultivate your dreams and continuously work on them. Daily. Sometimes you may feel the need to wait for the ideal time or certain conditions to arise, but you can be waiting for an eternity. The right time will always be the present. In these moments you have to practice being courageous. You have to step out of your comfort zone, and see what’s been waiting for you on the other side.


8. No Destination.


If you don’t know where you are heading you won’t know where to start, your actions lack intent. You end up spending energy on things that don’t matter and investing your time in areas where the return on investment gets you in the red. Instead, invest time on getting clear on your wants and needs. Once you establish where you need to go, things start to unfold and you get more in-tune with opportunities.


7. Attachment to Expectation


The path won’t look like how you envisioned it; things will come up unexpectedly and detours will appear. It doesn’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction, the universe is just providing you an alternative route to get you where you want to be. Most of the time the detours are there to prepare you for the life and goals you want to achieve. Learn to be flexible and give up attachment. Begin to practice elasticity and bending without breaking. Do the work and respond to the circumstances; don’t just react.


6. Doing the same things over and over.


History will be on repeat unless you take away what you’re meant to learn.
The same type of obstacles will continue to arise if you don’t change your response to them. When you step up and get real, you will discover the path to growth is inspired by challenges. The things that are presented to you may be difficult to face but in the end you are rewarded kindly. My homeboy Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Don’t be that crazy dude homie, the only mistake that exist is not learning from the mistake.

Stay with me homie, next week I’ll drop part 2 of this instalment.