Want to create an results driven atmosphere and experience for your team? Team training is the way to go.

It’s Not a One Size
Fit All Strategy.
We Do Custom
Planning .


We Plan + Execute
in Collaboration



We Establish The Needs + Wants.
We Create The Strategy,
We Execute.

We get Really Clear on the Needs and Wants of your team. Because without a clear goal, we can’t take steps to get to that destination.

We’re committed to what the team really needs, we listen and read between the lines. From yoga only classes to conditioning or a hybrid of both, we will do what’s best suited in the moment and in the long term. The more we learn the more effective and better coach we will be.

What is needed is someone who will you lead the process. Who’s been there and done that, someone who knows the environment and can work with you to figure out your next move, we will plan and execute in collaboration.

We educate so we create a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.  We face challenges together and come up with real solutions that work.

There isn’t one methodology better than the other, each has it’s benefits, time, and place. We work in collaboration right from the start so we can find what fits the team best.

Let’s connect and discuss your team needs!

  • Dre is super coach, he really know what he is talking about. I love the combination of fitness, yoga and mindfulness that Dre brings into his training programs. He understands that some of the biggest challenges we face are not just physical but mental as well. I would highly recommend Dre if you are seriously looking for change.

    thumb Maya Mits

    5 star review  I have been going to Dre's early morning classes. While I dread the early wake-up and the challenge ahead, I always leave his classes in a sweat and feeling that I had an amazing workout and stretch. Dre takes the time to ensure that everyone's positioning and form are correct. He modifies for those who require and further challenges those that are able. Dre is very motivating and he pushes us for every minute of the class. There is no time wasted. I strongly recommend that you try Dre's classes!

    thumb Jordana Weinstein

    5 star review  Dre's yoga class is amazing, when you see a big dude like him you are shocked he's a yoga teacher lol But there is so much benefit from doing yoga and Dre is walking proof of that. Yoga is not something I would routinely do, but after doing Dre's yoga class I have it scheduled weekly now. I feel amazing after class and it's not boring and Dre always has an amazing playlist. It's definitely not your typical yoga you always see.

    thumb John Garvey
  • 5 star review  Dre is an incredible coach, he is very attentive and inspirational. If you are having an off day, Dre is really good at motivating you to get your ass back on track. He's super supportive and understands challenges that you go through, you give a Dre a obstacle he will sit you down and come up with a solution with you. I couldn't say anything more positive about Dre, what I like about Dre is we both worked on a plan together so it actually fits with my hectic lifestyle and it makes sense for me. Not something that is entirely out of the ordinary and impossible to fit in. Dre has gotten me in amazing shape and I couldn't of gotten here without him. If you want someone who can get you looking your best, Dre is definitely your guy!

    thumb Lisa Fitzgerald

    5 star review  WOW. That's all I can say about Dre. He's a incredible coach, who really knows how to challenge and inspire you. Just when you think you don't have anymore to give he will push you to your limits, and thank him afterwards. There have been so many times I would just want to give up, but Dre is always right there encouraging me to keep going. It the span of two months I have lost 8lbs and actually put on muscle! I couldn't be more happier and I am getting stronger and toner.

    thumb Sandra Mercer

    5 star review  Dre is an outstanding coach. I'm very active and do a lot of running and started working with Dre so I can get into lifting more and work on my flexibility. Dre has helped me improve issues I was having with my back and hamstrings with his stretch sessions, my back has always been really bad but after just one session I was able to feel the difference. His training program is very well thought out, he explains the breakdown of the program and goes over the expectations with you. Dre keeps you challenged in the best of ways, I would recommend Dre any time!

    thumb Amy Lynds
  • 5 star review  Dreeee is a fantastic coach to have on your side. He's a very good listener and understands any concerns you may have. He believes things are always "workable" you will hear that alot. Excuses? He will call you out on a lot of things, but this is what makes him an amazing coach. He will tell you things you probably don't want to hear but you need to hear. Dre is more than just an amazing trainer, he delves deeper into what hinders you from achieving your goals. Dre has changed my views on a lot of things and for the better, if you want someone is knowledgeable, inspiring, and you desire a change to be at your best, Dre is the one you need to seek.

    thumb Heather Farmer

    5 star review  Getting to new fitness levels with Dre !! His balanced approach is key to injury free gains. #tempeh

    thumb Andrew Bordin

    5 star review  I wish I would have started seeing Dre YEARS ago! He's amazing and he knows wtf he is doing. He's very knowledgable and uber inspiring, his positivity is contagious and I just love him for that. Client or as a friend, Dre is one of those people you should have in your life. Very thankful our paths crossed, his impact on how I view things have changed alot for the better, he really lives up to his "This Yogi Lifts" name. You will not regret working with Dre!

    thumb Tiffany Lorenzo
  • 4 star review  Pushes and encourages everyone to go beyond their max in classes. His uniqueness by adding yoga moves into the workout makes it more challenging and his energy throughout the entire hour is motivating!

    thumb Sara Jessica Factor

    5 star review  Dre is an amazing coach, we have been working together for the last several months and my composition has changed dramatically. I've lost bodyfat and increased my lean muscle all in a matter of months. I've had trainers in the past and they seem to just go through the motions. Dre has been very supportive and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Thanks to Dre I finally have abs! lol He is really on the ball when it comes to holding you accountable, and very, very, very inspiring when you need a pick me up. I would definitely recommend Dre, and in fact I have connected friends of mine with him already.

    thumb Susan Wilkins

    5 star review  If you’re looking to strip some calories, work up a torrential sweat and have a helluva good time, Dre is definitely the coach for you. I’ve only been to a few of his classes, but it just took that first class for Dre to have to positive yet motivating impression on me to continue onward. I’ve been working out consistently for years, but what he brings to the table is completely different from my personal workout routine. At some points, I feel like I’m at square one. But that’s fantastic because his classes made me realize there are aspects within the fitness realm that I vastly want to improve on. There’s without a doubt his programs are going to aid significantly on getting me into the best shape of my life. Very exited for future sessions!

    thumb Justin Bonfini
  • 5 star review  I've had the pleasure of going to Dre's classes over the last few months and I have loved them! The classes push me to my boundaries physically. The motivation and support Dre gives is so helpful in finding the power to push through. I really enjoy the yoga aspect in the classes as well, I truly feel like I am working every aspect of my body. I can't wait to continue on this journey with an incredible teacher! Thank you Dre!

    thumb Ashleigh Irwin

    5 star review  Super engaging trainer. He is very helpful and is always making sure your form is correct. The exercises were diverse and not repetitive. Overall great instructor-- highly recommend!

    thumb Romy Segall

    5 star review  Dre's classes are the most challenging that I have ever experienced. Although I have called him a few uncomplimentary names while in the thick of it, I am grateful for his professional expertise and ability to take me to the next level even when I think I'm done. He is both encouraging and relentless with the added bonus of being attentive to stretching and flexibility. Awesome trainer!

    thumb Tania Minuk
  • 5 star review  I look forward to Dre's class all week!! The incorporation of yoga at the beginning and end of the workout makes his class so unique! Dre pays attention to every client, helping to push everyone to achieve the most out of their workout. I always leave Dre's class feeling amazing!!

    thumb Haley Leider

    5 star review  I always enjoy going to Dre’s classes as they are like no other! The yoga at the beginning and during the cool down is a unique way of incorporating strength and flexibility training. Dre always motivates you while paying attention to everyone else in the class ensuring we all get the most out of our workout! I always look forward to going to his classes!

    thumb Meryl Bloom

    5 star review  Dre’s an amazing teacher! His classes are very challenging but so rewarding and he always encourages you to do your best!!

    thumb Lily Bloom
  • 5 star review  I’ve been doing yoga, fitness and martial arts for over 20 years but no one has every pushed me to the edge more than Dre. As difficult as the class is though it’s just as much fun and inspiring. Love how he incorporates yoga and the music is super motivating too. I look forward to it every week!!!

    thumb Dori La Selva

    5 star review  Dre's class is always challenging, love the combination of yoga, weights and cardio, Always full of energy, you leave feeling like to had the best workout!!!!

    thumb Anne Tuszynski

    5 star review  Dre is an amazing instructor and his classes are incredible! Was hooked to his classes immediately. He is always encouraging and pushes you to give that extra bit of effort!

    thumb Paige Taksa
  • 5 star review  Dre is incredible! He is very knowledgeable in his profession. He makes the time fly by. He is patient, understanding and fun to be with. He is gentle but firm. There is a peaceful, restful aura that surrounds him which makes you want to please him by pushing that much harder. Richard Simmons used to say that you're not working out hard enough unless you are sweating enough to make your underwear wet; by the time Dre is finished with me I am sweating from my roots to the bottom of my feet and I love every drop of sweat because it means I'm getting closer to my goal! I am so glad that I was matched to Dre as my trainer. He is the best!

    thumb Leslie Grossman

    5 star review  Dre is an excellent trainer! I’ve been to multiple studio gyms with various classes over the past 3 years — Dre’s class is my favourite. He makes sure my technique and form is correct, and always pushes me further than I think I’m capable of. The yoga and stretching is a perfect warm-up and cool down. Thanks Dre! �

    thumb Ashley Portelli

    5 star review  Loved Dre's class. Incredibly challenging, he's crazy knowledgable and extremely motivating! Definitely will be be back!

    thumb Kellie Sherman-Saltzman
  • 5 star review  Awesome teacher and class!! Get ready to sweat!!!!

    thumb Ali Lazarus

    5 star review  Dre is amazing! Looking forward to tomorrow’s DOMS... I know it’s coming, I can feel it 🙂 I haven’t had a workout this challenging in a long time... Loved it and hated it at the same time, but afterwards the sense of accomplishment was amazing! If you are looking for a seriously good trainer, look no further, Dre is your man!

    thumb Talia Lyons

    5 star review  Dre is super inspirational and an incredibly strong and motivating instructor. He pushes you to go beyond your own limits because he is there to support you 100% of the way. If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally then try his classes. You will be amazed at what you can really do when you step outside your comfort zone. Dre is kick-ass!

    thumb Shayna Smith Merker
  • 5 star review  Absolutely love Dre's yoga classes! I've never been motivated to go to yoga classes, but Dre has got me hooked - he varies the speed and intensity and I always feel like relaxed and energized after. I'm adding his classes into my weekly routine, as I want to make sure I stay injury free this season. And did I mention that he has the most awesome jams ever?!?

    thumb Diana Nicorescu

    5 star review  I’ve been taking Dre’s classes for a few months now and they are consistently challenging. Dre’s intentions are to always drive the class to push forward and take it to the next level.

    thumb Heather Cohen-Spiegelman

    5 star review  Dre is extremely motivating with tough love. His workout is the kind of challenge that leaves you feeling like you couldn’t have been more productive in the last hour.

    thumb Erica Bee