As the year draws to a close and so a new year begins many of us have already created our resolve for 2018. We have vowed this year will be “The Year”, the year for unprecedented growth and goal crushing.

We begin fiercely and embark on our resolve but many don’t quite finish as gloriously as we started. Year after year we create these resolutions and fall victim to former patterns and don’t resolve. In fact only 8% of us achieve our resolve, according to a University of Scranton, journal of clinical Psychology study.

What is  disheartening is that 25% of us won’t even make it through the first week, and more than 50% won’t exceed 6 months.

The odds are not favourable, however we can increase our odds of success by practicing these 5 things. These have been of great service to me in overcoming my challenges and I hope these can be of great service to you as well.

1. Get Raw.

What I mean by get raw is we really need to be honest with ourselves. Acknowledging where we are, and being completely present.

Some of us aren’t in the best shape, and we’re not happy about it, let’s not be not happy about it. We need to be in a place of self love and realize we deserve better.

2. Get Clear.

If we don’t know where we want to go, we will never get there. We can’t aim to be “fit” because that looks different for everyone, rather we need to shift to what “fit” really means to us.

Whether that means being able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing our breathe, or being able to run a marathon. We need to connect with what really matters.

We need a clear vision and be really specific, we’re not just going to lose some weight. Because as soon as we start eating better and exercising more, guess what?

we’re going to see some changes and weight lost is inevitable. We accomplished losing weight, but did it really achieve what really mattered to us?

Can we fit into that shirt or dress the way we envisioned it?  We need to strive for clarity in order to know what actions to take.

3. Find Your Why.

Our “why” is going to be the driving force that creates lasting change. It’s not the end result that we are striving for; it’s what the end result accomplishes.

That will look different for everybody, it could mean bringing confidence, better self esteem, longevity, or even better mental health.

The goal may be to fit into those clothes better, but it’s what we’re able to feel and accomplish now that they do.

Reflect on the “why” and we’ll create something extraordinary.

4. Map a Plan.

We need to consider what is required to achieve our resolve. Then start brainstorming various ways to achieve that. We’re going to have multiple paths to our goal, because if one way isn’t a good fit for us, we’re moving onto the next avenue.

It may even mean it is a combination of A,B,C, rather than just route “A” for achieving our resolve, and that’s not a negative thing and certainly not a sign of failure.

This just means it’s the path we are going to take right now, and that could even change.

The path to victory comes in many forms. Being open allows us to continually progress, as opposed to throwing in the towel when things don’t go according to specific plan.

5. Trust The Process.

It’s really easy to fall back into old habits when things don’t go as planned. We may have indulged a little too much or didn’t make it to the gym as planned, we ate good all day but strayed in the evening, all these wins and losses are necessary to succeed in our resolve.

It’s our endurance to trust the process through the highs and lows, that will ultimately lead to success. It’s all part of growing to where we want to be.

Let’s really take the time to reflect on what we want to resolve in 2018 and let’s be in action and also be in mindful reaction as we begin a new year.