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  • I've had the pleasure of going to Dre's classes over the last few months and I have loved them! The classes push me to my boundaries physically. The motivation and support Dre gives is so helpful in finding the power to push through. I really enjoy the yoga aspect in the classes as well, I truly feel like I am... read more

    Ashleigh I. Avatar
    Ashleigh I.
  • Dre's workouts are intense and rewarding. Highly recommend you try his classes!

    Esther W. Avatar
    Esther W.
  • Dre is extremely motivating with tough love. His workout is the kind of challenge that leaves you feeling like you couldn’t have been more productive in the last hour.

    Erica B. Avatar
    Erica B.
  • Awesome teacher and class!! Get ready to sweat!!!!

    Ali L. Avatar
    Ali L.
  • Dre is an amazing instructor. He is passionate about yoga and fitness. I have noticed that My fitness and strength levels have improved since attending Dre’s classes. He encourages me to lift progressively heavier weights and pushes me to keep going during every session. Dre ensures that your technique is always correct and will provide a modification to make sure... read more

    Arielle B. Avatar
    Arielle B.
    Business Analyst, Foresters Financial
  • Dre is awesome, hardcore, super passionate, and very approachable. He's the guy who whoops your butt in a training session but you're so grateful he did! I've walked out of his class proud (mostly that I survived), confident, and with a great sense of accomplishment. He gives you a workout that you keep thinking back to throughout the day. Plus,... read more

    Sogand K. Avatar
    Sogand K.
  • Dre is a phenomenal trainer, his knowledge is amazing and he really knows how to get people to really push themselves. I have seen some other trainers and Dre is by far the best I have encountered.

    Get ready to do some work with Dre!

    Tanya S. Avatar
    Tanya S.
  • Dre is an awesome trainer who motivates and pushes you to your max, especially when he knows you are slacking and have more gas left in the tank. His classes are extremely well thought out and target the entire body, leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment at the end. His music is also top notch, which always helps in... read more

    Steph K. Avatar
    Steph K.
  • Dre isn't just a trainer I consider him a friend now. He doesn't just motivate you to physically challenge yourself he really cares about where your mind and thoughts are. He inspires me mind and body, and never passes judgment. Can't wait to train with him again ❤️ Amazing trainer 💪🙏🏻 And human!!!

    Giovanna L. Avatar
    Giovanna L.
  • Dre’s workouts definitely push and challenge me. I love how he incorporates power yoga into his classes as well as a substantial stretch and cool down at the end. I have definitely seen a significant improvement in my strength and stamina as a result of his exercises. He uses weights in his circuit training that push you out of your... read more

    Eleni M. Avatar
    Eleni M.