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  • Dre is an incredible coach, he is very attentive and inspirational. If you are having an off day, Dre is really good at motivating you to get your ass back on track. He's super supportive and understands challenges that you go through, you give a Dre a obstacle he will sit you down and come up with a solution with... read more

    Lisa F. Avatar
    Lisa F.
  • Dre is extremely motivating with tough love. His workout is the kind of challenge that leaves you feeling like you couldn’t have been more productive in the last hour.

    Erica B. Avatar
    Erica B.
  • I have worked out most of my life and have never had a more challenging, motivating, amazing workout! Dre is the REAL DEAL!!!! He pushes you in every class and is so knowledgeable!! Give him a try and you will be hooked!!!!

    Taryn f.
  • He is a GREAT instructor at Coach J. Keep it up , and whip us into shape 🙂

    John G. Avatar
    John G.
  • Dre is very committed to his practice and motivates everyone to push beyond their comfort levels! Never disappoints.

    Ashley D. Avatar
    Ashley D.
  • I have caught the bug and alot of the credit has to go to Dre. had two great classes with him and looking forward to the next class. great workout and most importantly he makes time to help all of us with our form ( or lack of) to help keep us safe.

    David L. Avatar
    David L.
  • Dre is an outstanding coach. I'm very active and do a lot of running and started working with Dre so I can get into lifting more and work on my flexibility. Dre has helped me improve issues I was having with my back and hamstrings with his stretch sessions, my back has always been really bad but after just one... read more

    Amy L. Avatar
    Amy L.
  • Dre's classes are amazing! He definitely makes you get a good sweat and pushes you to your limits. He is very motivating, makes you feel comfortable and goes through each exercise thoroughly. I always leave Dre's classes feeling so accomplished and noticing results.

    Erica I.
  • I went to my first workout in 8 months and did a class with Dre this morning. He pushed me hard, got me sweating and wanting to give up, but really motivates you and makes you feel like you can achieve it. My mom was with me and although she did some modified workouts, she didn’t give up either! Dre... read more

    Sydney P. Avatar
    Sydney P.
  • Dre is the type of coach you have that love hate relationship. He calls you out on your fluff and holds you accountable to make sure you do what you need to do. It's not always pretty, he came to my home one time to make sure I didn't skip a workout. He goes out of his way to make... read more

    Nicole M. Avatar
    Nicole M.