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  • Dre is simply awesome! He makes sure you give 100% every single time you are with him. Don't even try to slack around, he will come get after you. He's aggressive when he needs to be but he also knows when he needs to turn it down a notch. He trains smart and I can respect that, because it's not... read more

    Kennedy W. Avatar
    Kennedy W.
  • Dre is the most intuitive and challenging fitness instructors I've ever had.His style mixes strength training with yoga, targeting almost all your muscle groups, while also ensuring a good stretch. He knows exactly how to push you to achieve your goals and motivate you to complete his challenging, but very rewarding work out. You will always leave his class feeling... read more

    Anjelica K. Avatar
    Anjelica K.
  • Dre's classes are amazing! He definitely makes you get a good sweat and pushes you to your limits. He is very motivating, makes you feel comfortable and goes through each exercise thoroughly. I always leave Dre's classes feeling so accomplished and noticing results.

    Erica I.
  • If you want a coach that gives you sustainable results and keeps it real with you Dre is the man! He keeps things very simple and doesn’t believe in drastic changes. He tries to look at everything from your perspective, which I really liked because sometimes I just can’t fit certain things in my lifestyle and Dre finds a happy... read more

    Kevin J. Avatar
    Kevin J.
  • Dre is AWESOME! Amazing trainer, truly cares and extremely experienced. He pushes you with kindness and encouragement. Love his classes. It’s hard core and super fun! Keep up the great work! 🙏🏻

    Shab N. Avatar
    Shab N.
  • Dre is an amazing instructor and his classes are incredible! Was hooked to his classes immediately. He is always encouraging and pushes you to give that extra bit of effort!

    Paige T. Avatar
    Paige T.
  • Dre is awesome, hardcore, super passionate, and very approachable. He's the guy who whoops your butt in a training session but you're so grateful he did! I've walked out of his class proud (mostly that I survived), confident, and with a great sense of accomplishment. He gives you a workout that you keep thinking back to throughout the day. Plus,... read more

    Sogand K. Avatar
    Sogand K.
  • Dre helped me loose over 12 pounds in the matter of 2 months. I don’t think i could’ve done this without his help. He pushed me to my limits and beyond what i thought I could do. If you want someone thats going actually help you get better and open your eyes to the fitness world go to him!

    Ali K. Avatar
    Ali K.
  • Dre is an amazing coach, we have been working together for the last several months and my composition has changed dramatically. I've lost bodyfat and increased my lean muscle all in a matter of months. I've had trainers in the past and they seem to just go through the motions. Dre has been very supportive and genuinely wants to see... read more

    Susan W. Avatar
    Susan W.
  • I’ve been doing yoga, fitness and martial arts for over 20 years but no one has every pushed me to the edge more than Dre. As difficult as the class is though it’s just as much fun and inspiring. Love how he incorporates yoga and the music is super motivating too. I look forward to it every week!!!

    Dori L. Avatar
    Dori L.