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  • An experience like no other is to partake in a class with Dre. With the unique combination of power yoga that flows into strength .. ... it is evident that “this yogi lifts”. Dre will push you to be your best and ensure you go home sweaty and centred!

    Tali A. Avatar
    Tali A.
  • I went to my first workout in 8 months and did a class with Dre this morning. He pushed me hard, got me sweating and wanting to give up, but really motivates you and makes you feel like you can achieve it. My mom was with me and although she did some modified workouts, she didn’t give up either! Dre... read more

    Sydney P. Avatar
    Sydney P.
  • I’ve been taking Dre’s classes for a few months now and they are consistently challenging. Dre’s intentions are to always drive the class to push forward and take it to the next level.

    Heather C. Avatar
    Heather C.
  • Dre's classes are the most challenging that I have ever experienced. Although I have called him a few uncomplimentary names while in the thick of it, I am grateful for his professional expertise and ability to take me to the next level even when I think I'm done. He is both encouraging and relentless with the added bonus of being... read more

    Tania M. Avatar
    Tania M.
  • Dre is AWESOME! Amazing trainer, truly cares and extremely experienced. He pushes you with kindness and encouragement. Love his classes. It’s hard core and super fun! Keep up the great work! ??

    Shab N. Avatar
    Shab N.
  • Wicked class - brilliant way to start your day - leaving u feeling strong, flexible and energized!

    Tanya B. Avatar
    Tanya B.
  • Dre is amazing and pushes you to be the best that you can be. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! He challenges you and motivates you. After a work out with Dre you feel amazing! Best coach!!

    Avital L. Avatar
    Avital L.
  • Prepare to sweat, be challenged and feel strong after one of Dre's classes! He's an excellent trainer passionate about yoga and strength. Dre motivates me to push past my percieved limits and brings energy and enthusiasm to every session. Highly recommended.

    Sharon K. Avatar
    Sharon K.
  • Dre is as tough as they come, a really no BS type coach. He has helped me transform my body to the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. His straight no nonsense approach is very respectable and is just what I needed. If you are looking to make some serious changes in your life, I... read more

    Lauren G. Avatar
    Lauren G.
  • Best instructor of all time.

    Anjelica K. Avatar
    Anjelica K.