Hey friend! I’m Dre, the dude behind This Yogi Lifts.

I’m here to inspire + fuel you, so you can set the world on FIRE.

What’s the story behind This Yogi Lifts?

I  began my journey into yoga with the intent to discover new modalities that could improve my physique and functionality in movement. I was aware of the benefits it would have for my strength training (greater gains, improve stability, better mind-muscle connection), but I wasn’t yet aware of the tremendous effect it would have on my mindset, and other areas of my life as a result.

That’s when I created This Yogi Lifts.

But I’m not just some guy who lifts and does yoga.
I’m a guy who’s passion is to lift others, to elevate their minds, to stir their passions. I want to ignite something so powerful within, that it leads to a shift.
I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals over the past 12 years, and I want to help you reach your full potential and reveal your best self now.

You’re here for a change, and ready to create something new for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a health and fitness SHIFT or to ELEVATE and create a stronger mindset, you’re in the right place — and I’m honoured that you want to include me in your process.

Let’s begin.

By choosing to work with me, you’re choosing to show up big, and I hold you accountable for reaching your goals. We’ll work together and make sure you’re always on track.

There will be challenges, but we’ll face them together and come up with real solutions, from start to finish.

Let’s collaborate, grind it out, and create something spectacular.

Here’s a few of the things I specialize in:

  • Baptiste Yoga Teacher (L1)
  • ACSM – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • NSCA – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • ISSA – CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), SSC (Strength Conditioning Specialist)
  • ISSA – SET (Specialist in Exercise Therapy), SPN (Specialist in Performance Nutrition)
  • Precision Nutrition – PN1 (Certified Nutritionist)
  • Functional Movement Screen Practitioner
  • Fascial Abrasion Technique Practitioner

On The Horizon

  • 2019 Baptiste Level 2
  • 2019 Fascial Stretch Therapist

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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me. 

  • Amazing coach that is really knowledgable, his approach is very unique where he considers the mental blockages and triggers that may inhibit you from reaching your goals. He will definitely get you in amazing shape, but be prepared for some serious tough love. He is very honest, and truly gets down to the core of any obstacles which I LOVE... read more

    Julia C. Avatar
    Julia C.

    Dre is as tough as they come, a really no BS type coach. He has helped me transform my body to the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. His straight no nonsense approach is very respectable and is just what I needed. If you are looking to make some serious changes in your life, I... read more

    Lauren G. Avatar
    Lauren G.

    I’m always looking to be challenged during my workouts and Dre definitely pushes me to my limits and beyond. Dre is motivating and encouraging and there’s never a dull moment during his workouts. Thank you for the wonderful experience Dre!

    Yonit J.
  • Dre is the most intuitive and challenging fitness instructors I've ever had.His style mixes strength training with yoga, targeting almost all your muscle groups, while also ensuring a good stretch. He knows exactly how to push you to achieve your goals and motivate you to complete his challenging, but very rewarding work out. You will always leave his class feeling... read more

    Anjelica K. Avatar
    Anjelica K.

    I recently started fitness classes with Dre and I am hooked! He is an awesome trainer and pushes me because he knows I am capable. I've already seen results in just a few classes!

    Anita K.

    Dre's classes are amazing! He definitely makes you get a good sweat and pushes you to your limits. He is very motivating, makes you feel comfortable and goes through each exercise thoroughly. I always leave Dre's classes feeling so accomplished and noticing results.

    Erica I.
  • Dre’s classes and style of training is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. He pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and to breakthrough to your next level. Love the yoga and lifting combo, total opposites but works so well together. I love a good fitness challenge and I get that every time I do Dre’s class. A must... read more

    Carmite C. Avatar
    Carmite C.
    President, Edgedale Road

    Before Dre's classes I had almost given up on the gym. After a couple sessions with Dre it was easy to want to go for a workout. He is genuine, knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude. I leave every class feeling great and have noticed an improvement in my shape. His workout program is a perfect combination of stamina... read more

    Behnaz M.
    High School Teacher, YRDSB

    Dre is AWESOME! Amazing trainer, truly cares and extremely experienced. He pushes you with kindness and encouragement. Love his classes. It’s hard core and super fun! Keep up the great work! 🙏🏻

    Shab N. Avatar
    Shab N.
  • Prepare to sweat, be challenged and feel strong after one of Dre's classes! He's an excellent trainer passionate about yoga and strength. Dre motivates me to push past my percieved limits and brings energy and enthusiasm to every session. Highly recommended.

    Sharon K. Avatar
    Sharon K.

    Dre is an amazing trainer! I have been going to his classes for the last few months and I leave each class feeling stronger and more confident than I did the last. Dre’s classes are consistently creative, challenging, and fun! He is also very supportive and encourages you to push and challenge yourself. When you don’t believe you can do... read more

    Rosie C. Avatar
    Rosie C.

    Dre is amazing and pushes you to be the best that you can be. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! He challenges you and motivates you. After a work out with Dre you feel amazing! Best coach!!

    Avital L. Avatar
    Avital L.
  • Dre is an OUTSTANDING trainer who is passionate and dedicated to helping his clients reach their fitness goals in the most motivating and encouraging way! If you are lucky enough to attend his classes on a regular basis, Dre gets to know your abilities and pushes you harder next class. He always greets you with a friendly smile and at... read more

    Sharon C. Avatar
    Sharon C.

    Dre is an amazing trainer!
    For the past four months I have been trained by Dre and I can honestly say I am stronger, healthier and happier because of his classes. There are many times when I don’t think I can continue, but he is always on the side cheering me on and promising me I can achieve goals I...
    read more

    Melissa S. Avatar
    Melissa S.

    Dre is an amazing instructor. He is passionate about yoga and fitness. I have noticed that My fitness and strength levels have improved since attending Dre’s classes. He encourages me to lift progressively heavier weights and pushes me to keep going during every session. Dre ensures that your technique is always correct and will provide a modification to make sure... read more

    Arielle B. Avatar
    Arielle B.
    Business Analyst, Foresters Financial
  • I have worked out most of my life and have never had a more challenging, motivating, amazing workout! Dre is the REAL DEAL!!!! He pushes you in every class and is so knowledgeable!! Give him a try and you will be hooked!!!!

    Taryn f.

    Dre is amazing. He has helped me lose over 20lbs and build more muscle. I have been following his nutritional coaching and working out with him 3 x a week for the past 12 weeks. He really holds you accountable to your goals with bi-weekly tests. If you need help in getting into phenomenal shape, Dre is the guy you... read more

    Peter A. Avatar
    Peter A.

    positive review Dre is super coach, he really know what he is talking about. I love the combination of fitness, yoga and mindfulness that Dre brings into his training programs. He understands that some of the biggest challenges we face are not just physical but mental as well. I would highly recommend Dre if you are seriously looking for change.

    Maya M. Avatar
    Maya M.
  • I have been going to Dre's early morning classes. While I dread the early wake-up and the challenge ahead, I always leave his classes in a sweat and feeling that I had an amazing workout and stretch. Dre takes the time to ensure that everyone's positioning and form are correct. He modifies for those who require and further challenges those... read more

    Jordana W. Avatar
    Jordana W.

    Dre's yoga class is amazing, when you see a big dude like him you are shocked he's a yoga teacher lol But there is so much benefit from doing yoga and Dre is walking proof of that. Yoga is not something I would routinely do, but after doing Dre's yoga class I have it scheduled weekly now. I feel amazing... read more

    John G. Avatar
    John G.

    Dre is an incredible coach, he is very attentive and inspirational. If you are having an off day, Dre is really good at motivating you to get your ass back on track. He's super supportive and understands challenges that you go through, you give a Dre a obstacle he will sit you down and come up with a solution with... read more

    Lisa F. Avatar
    Lisa F.
  • WOW. That's all I can say about Dre. He's a incredible coach, who really knows how to challenge and inspire you. Just when you think you don't have anymore to give he will push you to your limits, and thank him afterwards. There have been so many times I would just want to give up, but Dre is always right... read more

    Sandra M. Avatar
    Sandra M.

    Dre is an outstanding coach. I'm very active and do a lot of running and started working with Dre so I can get into lifting more and work on my flexibility. Dre has helped me improve issues I was having with my back and hamstrings with his stretch sessions, my back has always been really bad but after just one... read more

    Amy L. Avatar
    Amy L.

    Dreeee is a fantastic coach to have on your side. He's a very good listener and understands any concerns you may have. He believes things are always "workable" you will hear that alot. Excuses? He will call you out on a lot of things, but this is what makes him an amazing coach. He will tell you things you probably... read more

    Heather F. Avatar
    Heather F.
  • I wish I would have started seeing Dre YEARS ago! He's amazing and he knows wtf he is doing. He's very knowledgable and uber inspiring, his positivity is contagious and I just love him for that. Client or as a friend, Dre is one of those people you should have in your life. Very thankful our paths crossed, his impact... read more

    Tiffany L. Avatar
    Tiffany L.

    Pushes and encourages everyone to go beyond their max in classes. His uniqueness by adding yoga moves into the workout makes it more challenging and his energy throughout the entire hour is motivating!

    Sara J. Avatar
    Sara J.

    Dre is an amazing coach, we have been working together for the last several months and my composition has changed dramatically. I've lost bodyfat and increased my lean muscle all in a matter of months. I've had trainers in the past and they seem to just go through the motions. Dre has been very supportive and genuinely wants to see... read more

    Susan W. Avatar
    Susan W.
  • If you’re looking to strip some calories, work up a torrential sweat and have a helluva good time, Dre is definitely the coach for you. I’ve only been to a few of his classes, but it just took that first class for Dre to have to positive yet motivating impression on me to continue onward. I’ve been working out consistently... read more

    Justin B. Avatar
    Justin B.

    I've had the pleasure of going to Dre's classes over the last few months and I have loved them! The classes push me to my boundaries physically. The motivation and support Dre gives is so helpful in finding the power to push through. I really enjoy the yoga aspect in the classes as well, I truly feel like I am... read more

    Ashleigh I. Avatar
    Ashleigh I.

    Super engaging trainer. He is very helpful and is always making sure your form is correct. The exercises were diverse and not repetitive. Overall great instructor-- highly recommend!

    Ro M. Avatar
    Ro M.

  • Our running team had a great session with Dre. He tailored our class to be restorative to help us recover from all the mileage we run, and touched on the typical issues runners deal with. He also had a great playlist that gave the class a different vibe and way more enjoyable for those who are not as familiar with yoga.

    Rejean C. Avatar
    Rejean C.
  • I always enjoy going to Dre’s classes as they are like no other! The yoga at the beginning and during the cool down is a unique way of incorporating strength and flexibility training. Dre always motivates you while paying attention to everyone else in the class ensuring we all get the most out of our workout! I always look forward... read more

    Meryl B. Avatar
    Meryl B.
  • An experience like no other is to partake in a class with Dre. With the unique combination of power yoga that flows into strength .. ... it is evident that “this yogi lifts”. Dre will push you to be your best and ensure you go home sweaty and centred!

    Tali A. Avatar
    Tali A.
  • This guy is the real thing. You want a trainer that knows his stuff but who is also an amazing coach. Dre gets pretty deep with things and makes you really think as to why you have certain guards up which stop you from getting to your goals. I had to overcome some serious walls, which had nothing to do... read more

    Chris F. Avatar
    Chris F.
  • Dre isn't just a trainer I consider him a friend now. He doesn't just motivate you to physically challenge yourself he really cares about where your mind and thoughts are. He inspires me mind and body, and never passes judgment. Can't wait to train with him again ❤️ Amazing trainer 💪🙏🏻 And human!!!

    Giovanna L. Avatar
    Giovanna L.
  • If your looking for a kick ass workout lead by someone who brings positivity and energy than Dre’s classes are for you. The workout is intense, but you’ll leave feeling accomplished.

    Daniela C. Avatar
    Daniela C.
  • Dre’s an amazing teacher! His classes are very challenging but so rewarding and he always encourages you to do your best!!

    Lily B. Avatar
    Lily B.
  • I highly recommend Dre's classes - He understands the needs of athletes and I feel that his classes are a great way to round out full body strength and mobility.

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.
  • Dre is a great trainer who truly knows how to motivate. He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging & fun!

    Veronica B. Avatar
    Veronica B.
  • Pushes and encourages everyone to go beyond their max in classes. His uniqueness by adding yoga moves into the workout makes it more challenging and his energy throughout the entire hour is motivating!

    Sara J. Avatar
    Sara J.